Celebration Traditional Pork Pie 11″


Waller of Ledbury

Waller’s Pies are all handmade,¬†using their own made pastry, free range Pork, Chicken and the best cuts of Game; Pheasant breast, Pigeon breast, Venison loin, Wild Boar loin, Duck and Partridge breast too.

Pies are made to order, so must be pre-ordered by Tuesday 8th December to avoid disappointment.

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Made in 6″ 9″ or 11″ diameter tins, depending on the filling will depend on the weight.

The 6″ pie will serve between 2 and 8 people, depending on the portions…. They can weigh between 1.2kg, for a Traditional Pork filling and approximately¬†1kg for Chicken & Ham.